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At UAE21 Petroleum, we’re your trusted partner for a comprehensive range of energy solutions.

Your Source for Dynamic Energy Solutions

Our commitment to excellence and dedication to serving our clients shine through in every service we offer. Explore the diverse array of services that power industries, construction, and businesses worldwide:

Empowering Construction Excellence

Tar & Asphalt Trading

For solid foundations and lasting infrastructure, our Tar & Asphalt Trading services are your go-to choose. We provide high-quality tar and asphalt products that set the stage for success in construction projects of all sizes. Expect reliable supply and expert guidance from our team to ensure your construction ventures thrive.

Fueling Industries, Powering Progress

Offshore Refined Oil Product Trading

In the dynamic world of business, energy is the driving force. Our Offshore Refined Oil Product Trading services specialize in top-tier refined oil products that keep industries running smoothly. With global distribution capabilities, we ensure a consistent supply of high-quality refined oil products wherever you are.

Dependable Diesel, Uninterrupted Operations

Diesel Fuel Trading

Diesel fuel powers many industries, and our Diesel Fuel Trading services guarantee a steady supply of top-quality diesel fuel. Our commitment to timely deliveries and industry expertise ensures your operations run seamlessly, so you can focus on what matters most.

Green Energy, Brighter Future

Compressed Natural Gas Trading

Embrace sustainability with our Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Trading services. CNG is a clean-burning, eco-friendly fuel that reduces carbon emissions and operating costs. We provide a reliable supply of CNG, allowing you to make a positive impact on the environment while optimizing your budget.

Sustainable Energy, Responsible Choices

Charcoal & Firewood Trading

Sustainability is at the core of our Charcoal & Firewood Trading services. We source our charcoal and firewood from sustainable forests, ensuring responsible and eco-friendly energy solutions. Count on us for reliable deliveries of high-quality products for grilling, heating, and more.

Powering Industries with Excellence

Refined Oil Product Trading

Quality is paramount when it comes to powering industries. Our Refined Oil Product Trading services deliver top-notch products that meet and exceed international standards. Whether you’re in manufacturing, transportation, or any industry, rely on us to fuel your progress with excellence.

Sparking Success, Every Time

Ignition Materials Trading

When it’s time to ignite success, turn to our Ignition Materials Trading services. We offer a wide range of ignition materials for various applications, ensuring that your projects and processes start without a hitch.

Lubricants & Grease Trading

Lubricants & Grease Trading

Keep your machinery operating at peak performance with our Lubricants & Grease Trading services. We provide top-grade lubricants and grease products that ensure the smooth and efficient functioning of your equipment.

Efficiency in Extraction

Oil Field Chemical Trading

Efficiency is crucial in oil extraction operations, and our Oil Field Chemical Trading services deliver essential chemicals that optimize the process. Trust us to provide the right chemicals to enhance your oil field operations.

Global Crude Solutions

Offshore Crude Oil Trading

For a seamless flow of crude oil on a global scale, choose our Offshore Crude Oil Trading services. We adhere to international standards, ensuring that your crude oil needs are met with efficiency and reliability.

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